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CRM for Media & Publishing

The media and publishing market is made up of many moving parts, and aligning them is no easy feat.

To ensure that you can do so and effectively grow your audience and seamlessly funnel prospects towards conversion as a result, you need a tailor-made CRM for media and publishing.

Get to know how Workbooks could connect your business and bring new growth here.

Interactive Guide: An Audience First Approach

The Media & Publishing industry is in a state of transformation, with new players continuously entering the market, leaving consumers spoilt for choice.

The key to driving subscriptions, content engagement, advertising revenues and ultimately sales in this industry is changing, and to compete and stay relevant, organizations must evolve and leverage the right technology - one being a reliable CRM platform.

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A bespoke CRM for media & publishing companies

Develop data-informed strategies to connect with your audience and clients

Build brand loyalty with an outstanding customer experience

Streamline sales and revenue recognition processes

How does our media and publishing CRM work?

Targeting your customers with precision

Workbooks provides a central database for marketing and sales teams to access detailed audience insights. Here, you can group customers by profile, buying habits and more, and deliver tailored content with advertising software solutions.

Our CRM for media solution enables you to engage more viewers, increase subscriptions, downloads or ticket sales, and attract new advertising sales from agencies or media buyers.

What you'll get:
  • Customer segments grouped by characteristics
  • Highly personalized communications
  • Measured engagement to boost ad revenue

Enhancing customer service

Workbooks provides an ecosystem to house your orders, invoice subscriptions and online payments. Team members can assign deadlines, update statuses and set up alerts to ensure customers receive their orders on time, every time.

Plus, you can monitor customer service performance and track all relationships with orders, commissions and discount management functionality.

What you'll get:
  • Contracts, invoices and after-sale services in one integrated system
  • Data synced with your finance software
  • Streamlined order fulfilment processes

Streamlining sales and revenue recognition

Workbooks can help your sales team to gain pipeline visibility, understand conversion rates and track progress through the lead-to-cash process with real-time reporting.

Automations to record orders, invoice subscriptions and take payments will accelerate your path to profit — leaving capacity to track all sales discussions and identify upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

What you'll get:
  • One-stop visibility on availability and target revenue
  • Automations to speed up the sales process
  • Simplified commission calculation and revenue recognition

Why Workbooks CRM is ideal for growing media & publishing businesses

Data-backed decision making

Workbooks empowers growing media and publishing businesses to build data-informed strategies using audience insights. Create and segment rich customer profiles to deliver personalised, high-quality content in your own campaigns. As you monitor changes in audience demographics or behaviour, you’ll be equipped to respond to the dynamic market changes that accompany new growth.

High-value advertising sales

Targeted communications build a brand-loyal audience — and one that can be lucratively monetized. By providing demonstrable measures of engagement, Workbooks can help you to develop irresistible multi-channel advertising models for your clients and earn higher revenue per advertisement.

Superior production management

Growing media firms can only realize customer service as a competitive advantage by ensuring that all deliverables are met — and this requires a production cycle that goes without a hitch. Workbooks allows your team to see everything that needs to be delivered on the order record, manage resources and priorities more effectively, as well as notify each party of any missed deadlines or production bottlenecks.

Support for event sales

CRM helps expanding media companies to achieve more accurate event performance forecasting and develop stable revenue streams. With Workbooks, you’ll deepen the relationship between your audiences and sponsors by bringing each group together under one platform. This creates opportunities with clients who value event sponsorship over in-product advertising.

"The CRM implementation was a really smooth process. Workbooks helped us through the whole thing, holding our hands, making sure we were not alone in the whole process."
Sarah Kennedy, STV

Frequently asked questions about media & publishing CRM

What is CRM in media?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in media refers to the strategies and systems used by media companies to manage customer interactions. It helps to streamline communications, improve experiences and build stronger audience relations for consumers of print, digital and events.

How does CRM help media & publishing companies?

CRM helps media and publishing companies by supporting lead generation and existing customer retention. Specifically, it enables the accurate targeting of different customer groups, streamlining of the sales process, and enhancement of the overall customer experience, to name a few benefits.

What are the success factors of CRM in media?

Success factors for CRM in media include effective marketing personalization, sales generation, customer retention and analytics-driven decision-making.