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5 signs you need Managed Service CRM

If you feel like you’re not getting the most from your CRM or that you don’t have enough time to manage your platform as a team – there’s good news. Workbooks now offers Managed Service CRM, where we take on some or all of your CRM management tasks to make sure you’re getting the best possible results.  

From data imports, to customizing reports, our experts can help you get the jobs done that you don’t have the time or resources to do.  

There are some clear signs that you could achieve better results for your business. If you’re struggling with any of these challenges – Managed Service can help make your life easier. 


  1. You’re relying on a small number of employees to manage your CRM 

Relying on one or two employees to run your CRM? Or even half a person? This can create risks. If employees with valuable CRM knowledge and skills leave your business, you can be left with no one available to manage your system. Our team of experts can consistently manage your CRM – so you’ll never lose the expertise. 


2. It’s hard to find and retain CRM employees

Finding staff with the right CRM skillsets can be a challenge. There are four key roles to think about when managing a CRM: 

  • CRM Admin: Manage the day-to-day function of your CRM, from creating reports and importing data to training users. 
  • CRM Leadership: Focus on selling to customers and translating business requirements into CRM needs.  
  • CRM Executives: Manage spend, communicate business goals, and are responsible for improvements to the platform 
  • Power Users: Responsible for new changes and recommendations, CRM sponsorship, and coaching 

These roles can be carried out by the same people but if each function isn’t managed effectively, there’s likely room for better outcomes.  

Workbooks’ Managed Service covers the CRM Admin and CRM Leadership roles to save you time and cover any gaps in skills your teams may have. 


3. You haven’t planned for future changes

Lots of us focus on tailoring the system to our needs when we first get started. But it’s easy to forget to keep exploring features and functionality that might help you as you grow. 

That’s why we have two offerings: 


Shared Success 

Our Shared Success workshops give you a chance to uncover your CRM requirements and priorities so that your project will be successful. Our consultants will work with you to reduce the number of systems you’re using, avoid overspend with a clear plan of what’s needed, and build your CRM strategy – no matter which system you’re using.

Learn more about Shared Success here (Shared Success Turtl) 


Managed Service  

Our teams can recommend changes to your system and manage them for you.  We review your system quarterly so that Workbooks is always tailored to your business, no matter how much it changes or grows. Whether you need tailored reports, configured dashboards, or data imports, we’re here to make sure you get what you need quickly and easily. 


4. Your user adoption rates are lower than you’d like

If you’re struggling to get employees to use your system, Managed Service will help improve your adoption rates. Online user training is part of the package – we can take on onboarding and training users on the system to give them handy tips and better platform knowledge. It means they’re much more likely to see the benefits of using Workbooks.  

Your users can also attend our training sessions to get in-person guidance on using the system.  

Learn more about our training here (Training page).  


5. CRM support isn’t always available

If employees are out of the office or busy with other work – we can cover you. Think of us as an extension of your team. You can raise a case via email with us to share what you’d like us to help with and we’ll take it on for you. So, whether it’s a new report, an import, or an unexpected challenge – we’re here to help. 



If you think Managed Service could help you, check out our page to learn more about it or get in touch for a chat.