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How to be agile and drive efficiency

The most successful businesses are agile, they are efficient, and they seamlessly synchronise the vital functions of marketing, sales and customer service, presenting a unified and coordinated front to customers.

The only sustainable way to achieve this level of synchronisation is by building all three functions on the same solid foundation: an integrated CRM platform that connects everything and everyone, making it easier for teams to work together, to share knowledge and to anticipate issues.

But how does a CRM solution such as Workbooks add agility and efficiency to each of these important functions? CRM for marketing – CRM gives you the tools to execute your marketing strategy and measure ROI, whatever the channels.  With Workbooks you can prioritise your marketing resources efficiently, ensuring your sales teams follow up the leads most likely to convert. It provides details about who visited your website and what pages they viewed. It helps you to manage your marketing team’s day-to-day workload better. And it gives you instant access to key information, such as campaign return on investment, lead volumes by source, and lead conversion.

Every interaction with a prospect furthers your business intelligence as you capture knowledge, map relationships, segment your data and tailor your communication to improve the overall customer experience.

CRM for sales – Workbooks helps you to capture the knowledge you need to improve sales prospecting, helping you manage opportunities better, drive up conversion rates and share best practice.

It improves your insight into your sales pipeline and performance, helping you refine the sales process and optimise each sales cycle so your sales team can forecast more effectively.

CRM can get quite granular when tracking sales and account teams performance – How active is each sales rep?  Are leads followed up and within what timeframe?  How many meetings, emails and calls are taking place?  With CRM you can see where development is required and focus your training and coaching, significantly enhancing the abilities of your salesforce.

CRM for customer service – Workbooks puts all the information you need in one place, making it easier to manage customer service cases. Your teams will get better at spotting common problems and recurring issues, which saves your business money and improves customer satisfaction.

You can host online self-service from your CRM platform too, helping customers to find their own solutions and thus freeing up your service team to concentrate on higher value activities. Over time, CRM builds an increasingly detailed picture of agent skills and knowledge, enabling the automatic routing of cases to the agent best qualified to resolve them.