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Integrating CRM and Marketing Automation

crm-1.pngIf you have a CRM platform you probably already know how useful it is for giving you a single, real-time view of sales prospects, and helping you work as a team to progress those leads to a sale. Equally, if you have Marketing Automation software, you are probably happy with the way it maps your customer journey, delivers segmented and personalised messages to the right people at the right time.

CRM & Marketing Automation in text.png

Imagine though if when you looked at your CRM platform it told you where all those leads had come from, what their priorities are, and how they’ve interacted with your business. Your first conversations with prospects would be a whole lot easier, and more productive, wouldn’t they?

And imagine if instead of extracting the leads your Marketing Automation produces in a spreadsheet – or series of unlinked spreadsheets – you could keep them in the system and transfer them to the sales team at a click of a button. Imagine if you could get an overall view of the customer sales and marketing journey. It would save time, inform marketing activity, and help you have a much easier relationship with your colleagues in sales, wouldn’t it?

These are the sorts of benefits a growing number of organisations are discovering from implementing a single CRM and Marketing Automation solution. They are seeing better-qualified leads into the sales funnel, extended visibility in both directions, and far greater marketing and sales alignment. In a time when marketers are under unprecedented pressure to produce commercial results, a growing number are finding that this integration of CRM and Marketing Automation is giving them the competitive advantage they need.

Our new white paper “Integrating CRM and Marketing Automation” explores this topic further, detailing the benefits to be gained from this sort of integration, and offering advice to readers on how they can enjoy those benefits themselves.