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Tired of your CRM Implementation Partner being focused on their revenue and not yours?

After identifying the need for a CRM system to help drive revenue, reduce operational costs and improve customer experience, and selecting the right technology, your CRM journey should be well underway. But what if your technology vendor doesn’t provide implementation services and refers you to one of its implementation partners?

Choosing the right implementation partner is just as important as choosing the right technology. Implementing a CRM system can be a challenge, especially for small and mid-size organisations that often have limited or no dedicated IT teams. With CRM, there will also most likely be a review of the way the business operates, how departments get the job done and how they make decisions. A CRM project includes people, process and technology – and all of those elements need to be considered in unison in order to drive a successful project and maximise ROI. You need to ask yourself which partner will best accompany you on your CRM journey and help you the most in transforming your business. Selecting that partner is not a decision to be taken lightly.

Firstly, you should consider if there are elements you could undertake yourselves (if any) and where you need support. To what extent do you need help with the project design and implementation? Have you considered user training? How will you migrate data from your legacy system(s)? Does the selected partner understand your business and what you hope to achieve? Do they have experience in implementing CRM at businesses similar to yours? It can be the difference between a smooth implementation or a long uphill struggle.

Budget should also be a key consideration, in terms of the money required to support the implementation and ensure it meets your needs. If your implementation partner is not your technology partner, its focus will be on maximising the implementation revenue. How can you ensure that the project does not overrun and that you get the features, functionalities, automation and process improvements that you require? How do you ensure the project remains within scope? And after implementation, who do you turn to for longer term support – your technology vendor or your implementation partner?

With Workbooks, you don’t have to wonder; you can experience the value of working with the vendor and the implementer of the technology as your business embarks on a CRM journey and develops overtime.

From the outset, we become part of your extended team, guiding you through your implementation and helping you realise the full potential of your investment. We’ll scope out your project with you, helping you define what success looks like for your business and identify the outcomes that are most important to you.

We provide full implementation services and on-going training; our 1,400 customers see us as a genuine partner and trusted advisor they can call upon at any time to offer support and advice.

Because we care about helping our customers be successful, they stay with us as their business grows and adapts. Our average customer tenure is 8 years, well above the industry average. Customers know they can trust our technology and appreciate the value of having direct access to the engineering and product development teams, over the lifetime of their business.

Our people are accountable, dedicated and passionate about helping customers succeed and they accompany and guide them on their CRM journey – every step of the way.

Our high Net Promoter Score rating is testimony to our approach and the value we bring to our customers. To find out more about how we can help you achieve success visit or give our friendly team a call on 0118 3030 100.