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Top 10 Tips To Guide You To Email Success

Billions of email marketing campaigns are sent on a yearly basis so it is imperative for your emails to stand out! There are several tips which you can implement to give your email marketing greater impact. We have put together the following Top 10 tips to guide you to email success.

1) Place a call to action in the first sentence or after the first paragraph of your email.

People typically read left to write and will skim read the first line. If they’re interested in what you’re offering, the recipient will be more likely to click on the link within the first sentence than reading the entire email.

2) Left align your text so the flow of the email is not disrupted.

Left aligned text is easier to read than centred text for paragraphs. This is because when you centre your text, the starting place of each line changes. This forces your users to work harder to find where each line begins to continue reading. Without a straight left edge, there is no consistent place where users can move their eyes to when they complete each line.

However, when your paragraph text is left aligned, a straight left edge appears. Users can read each line by simply moving their eyes to the left edge each time. This makes your paragraphs faster and easier to read.

3) Link throughout your email.

When including a title, body content, image and a ‘Find Out More’ button in your email, include a link in each section if the design allows. This maximises the number of call to actions (CTAs) in the email communication.

4) Add alternate text on your images within the email to ensure it is accessible for all contacts.

When an email client doesn’t automatically download images, ALT text gets your message across to the email recipient. In instances when your emails rely heavily on images, ALT tags are a useful tool.

5) Add preview text (Super Subject Line).

Preview text, sometimes known as the preheader, is the snippet of text that appears after the email subject line in most email programs. This means you have another chance of trying to engage with your audience if the subject line doesn’t work.

6) Be descriptive and concise in your content. Do not add more ‘Read More’s’ than necessary.

Once you’ve written the content it is imperative that you don’t use the standard read more, buy now CTAs. It needs to be transactional! The recipient knows what they’re reading more of and what will happen to them once they’ve made that click.

7) Don’t send long emails.

If you have to scroll to read the entire email, then make it a landing page or a web page instead. In the email communications that you’re sending out, they should be short and concise. Readability is crucial!

8) Use short sentences.

Be concise in your wording, and don’t put more content in just for the sake of it. Shorter emails are always more digestible.

9) If you’re sending out a prospect email, don’t send it from the MD.

As many people will not know who the Managing Director is for the company. Instead, send it out from the CEO and include the company name, for example, Lee Chadwick – CommuniGator.

10) Ensure that your links are the standard blue hyperlink and are not branded links.

People are used to seeing links in this format. Meaning that when people are skimming through your email, they will automatically identify what the links are in the email communication.

For a more comprehensive overview of maximising the efficiency of your emails, take a look at The Complete Guide to Email Optimisation and Implementation.

This blog was written by our Marketing Automation partner Spotler. From time to time guest contributors write on the Workbooks Blog – have something to say? Email the Workbooks Marketing Team on