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Unleash Your CRM Potential with Workbooks’ Shared Success Program

Working with a customer management relationship (CRM) solution is no longer considered an organisational add-on (a mere luxury)—it’s quickly becoming a standard for businesses looking to get ahead in an increasingly competitive digital world. 

It’s true that companies across sectors are wising up to the business-boosting potential of CRM software. But with so many platforms to choose from, selecting the right solution for your organisation can seem like an uphill battle. 

The issue is that many CRM solutions are limited in scope not just in terms of functionality or flexibility, but they also fall flat when it comes to helping clients unleash the full potential of their platforms. 

Did you know? One in three CRM projects fails. And one of the driving factors for failure is the inability to leverage the full potential of the platform. In fact, according to our research, 53% of respondents state that the system or solution not fitting the needs of the organisation is the primary reason for their CRM project’s failure. 

Working together will unlock the benefits of CRM 

To ensure sustainable CRM success, tailoring the platform or solution to your specific needs, business model, and objectives is vital. To achieve such an outcome, you need to work in close collaboration with your provider. 

Rather than investing in a CRM solution and being left to work the finer details out on your own (a surefire recipe for failure), co-working with your provider will result in a wealth of benefits, including: 


  1. Increased revenue and a bigger bottom line 
  2. Streamlined processes and greater financial efficiency (cost reductions) 
  3. Enhanced customer experience and better customer retention rates 
  4. Improved decision-making and access to more valuable data-driven insights 

These four benefits are without a doubt the key ingredients to running a business that is progressive, innovative, and commercially sustainable. 

 If you’ve taken the plunge and invested in a CRM solution in the past with no success, chances are your provider didn’t:

  • Take the time to ensure the solution integrated into your existing ecosystem 
  • Ensure every aspect of the platform was customised to your business 
  • Personally guide you through the platforms key features and functions
  • Provide personalised aftercare and support

Did you know? According to our research, when looking for a CRM platform, 62% of businesses prioritise features and functionality when making their decision, while only 22% focus on implementation approach and support. 

If we look at both sides of the coin, it’s plain to see that it’s not only certain providers that aren’t delivering the goods—many  CRM-seekers that are also failing to see the bigger picture. 

When choosing your CRM, working alongside a provider who will develop a solid implementation plan with you is key to long-lasting triumph. Solely looking at the functional bells and whistles won’t help you thrive through CRM—instead, you’ll have a platform with some capabilities that you simply cannot utilise. 

The Workbooks CRM philosophy 

As a provider with the highest customer ratings among the main CRM players, we firmly believe that understanding the exact goals, needs, and preferences of our clients is the only way forward. 

Our Shared Success approach extends to both cutting-edge software and end-to-end CRM implementation support. It’s one of the main reasons most of our customers remain with us for ten years or more. 

Through co-funded “Shared Success” workshops, we ensure that all parties fully grasp the success criteria and scope of the CRM project at hand before jumping into action. 

“We’re very happy with the way it’s worked. It’s about bringing the right people together to deliver outcomes that benefit the UK economy, and we know we can do things better as a consequence of the implementation of Workbooks. The capturing of who people are and what they do is key; you can’t really do that unless you have a CRM system like Workbooks.—” Ian MacGregor Director, Knowledge Transfer Network 


How Workbooks’ Shared Success workshops operate 

One of the key features of our co-funded Shared Success workshops is the lack of obligation to commit to our CRM solution. If you don’t wish to work with us, you will leave with nothing less than a wealth of invaluable CRM insights, coupled with a better understanding of your business. 

To cover every key base and ensure we can unlock every platform benefit, we run our workshops over 2-4 days, either remotely or in person. Here’s what we cover during our workshops (in a nutshell): 

  • Getting to grips with your business goals, pains, and gains 
  • Defining your specific CRM-centric business outcomes (understanding what success looks like for your company) 
  • Setting your main priorities and developing a detailed CRM roadmap 
  • Building a watertight business case for CRM investment, defining a high-level project scope, and setting an accurate project budget

“We chose Workbooks, as it was able to provide the CRM best suited to our needs – and we’re very glad we did. It’s a highly customisable product, and the Workbooks team provides excellent support.”—Charlotte West XPS Pensions Group 

Final thoughts 

As a business, you cannot sign up for a CRM solution and expect it to work wonders for you straight out of the box. Making customer relationship management work requires a cohesive, collaborative approach—and that’s exactly what we offer here at Workbooks. 

As a team of highly experienced CRM consultants, we will give you access to our cutting-edge customer relationship management features and make them work for you. 

Many of our most thriving clients have participated in our two-day Shared Success Workshops to squeeze every last drop of value from our solution. This tried-and-tested format is a cost-effective exploration of what your company needs and what you can achieve when you partner with Workbooks. 

If you’re ready to get ahead through the power of CRM, now’s the time to strike. Get in touch about our Shared Success workshops, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. Let’s get the ball rolling. 





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