At Workbooks, we believe that sharing knowledge is crucial to success, and we want you to enjoy using our software to enable you to complete your day-to-day role with ease. Workbooks Wisdom is here to save the day bringing you monthly tips and tricks to enable you to do just that. See below for May’s tips. 

  • Massively reduce search times with exact match

    The search functionality in Workbooks is a powerful tool that not only finds exact matches with the text you input, but also finds additional records you may be looking for. If you would like a search to only return exact matches, you can input your text between quotation marks. This will significantly reduce your search time and is particularly useful if you search for email addresses. More detailed information can be found here.


  • Launching Constrained Dynamic Linked Items (DLIs)

    One of our favourite new features of the latest Workbooks release (4.5) is being able to constrain DLIs. This can significantly reduce the number of search results returned by a DLI report. One example is, after selecting an employer, the picklist for selecting the primary contact will only show People employed by that Organisation, rather than everybody. These can be set up in Customisation by your system administrator, however, we recommend trying this out on a test database first. Detailed information can be found here.


  • Want a free £15 Amazon voucher?

    At Workbooks we are proud of the support we provide our customers with. If you agree, and would like to claim a £15 Amazon voucher then why not complete a G2 Crowd review for us? You can do so by following this link. As always, if there is anything you think we can improve on please let us know by emailing us at

Remember, you can find more useful information about all of the Workbooks features on our Knowledge Base.

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