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Expert consultancy to help you master your CRM strategy

Want to see if your CRM could give you better results? Or if a CRM could benefit you? A Shared Success Workshop is a great way to find out.  

What are Shared Success Workshops?

Our consultants work with you over two days to dig into your challenges and targets. The goal? To give you an in-depth report that gives you clear steps towards meeting your business outcomes and getting the best results from a CRM.

There’s no commitment to buying Workbooks. And all our consultancy is discounted (by 50%) for every Shared Success Workshop.

Shared Success Workshops:

  • Give you an idea of how much you can save with an efficient CRM
  • Help you reach your end goals faster with a more efficient deployment
  • Lower the cost and risk of your CRM project failing

Your personalized CRM strategy report

After attending your workshop, our consultants will map out everything you need from your CRM system. They’ll share a personalized document that covers:

Your key needs: How to prioritize your business goals, a summary of the challenges holding you back, and a summary of what you need from a CRM.

How to keep costs down: An estimate of how much time and money you’ll save with a CRM.

How to improve efficiency: How you can reduce the number of systems you’re using, key areas where a CRM will improve efficiency and our experts will unveil any opportunities you may not be aware of.

Free implementation days

If you decide that you want to work with Workbooks and you’ve completed a Shared Success Workshop – there’s good news. Based on the size of your project, we give you free consultancy days that you can use towards the implementation. All so you get a made-to-measure CRM for an off-the-shelf price. 

Want to know how much Workbooks will cost? Use or pricing calculator to work out the price based on the number of licenses you need. 

How long is Shared Success Workshop?

Shared Success Workshops usually take place at your location for 2 days but they can be remote too. Then our consultancy team takes everything they’ve learnt about your business to build you a personalized CRM strategy report. 

How much does a Shared Success Workshop cost?

The cost of our Shared Success Workshop is £3150 or $4,020. When it comes to Shared Success, we like to co-fund our workshops to make sure you get off to the best start with your CRM software so we give you a 50% discount on our standard daily consultancy rate. 

How much does Workbooks cost?

Use our pricing calculator to work out how much Workbooks will cost your business. Let us know the number of licences you’ll need and which functionality you want, and we’ll give you a quote. 

Check out the pricing calculator here 

Are there terms and conditions to get free implementation?

We do have some special terms for you to qualify for free implementation dates. These include:  

  • Your licence value must be more than £5K per annum 
  • You must have completed the Shared Success Workshop
  • You need to commit to a three-year agreement 
  • The number of free days is capped at 15 
  • You must use all your free days in the first 12 months of the agreement
  • If you need additional days to support your implementation, they will be charged at our standard rate: £1,050 or $1,340 per day per day.