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Workbooks Developer Training Course

Duration: 2 Days

Cost: £960 per attendee

Upcoming Dates:

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NOTE:  Dates are subject to change depending on the number of bookings received.  For up-to-date information on availability please contact


This 2-day course is aimed at software engineers who will be developing integrations or automations using the Workbooks API. It will cover all the elements you need to understand to develop process engine scripts or to integrate third-party applications via the restful API.

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What Are The Pre-Requisites For The Course?

You need to be a software engineer proficient in a commonly-used web programming language like PHP, .NET or Java. The practical elements of the course will be delivered using PHP, although PHP experience is not essential.

We would also recommend that you are familiar with Workbooks, either as a result of attending the Workbooks System Administrator training (see above) or through hands-on usage of the system.

Course Outline

Course section Description To Cover
Introduction to the Workbooks API and the Data Model How to use the API.
  1. The wire protocol
  2. Pre-existing wrappers
  3. Debug tools
  4. Metadata
The security model How to configure capabilities and permissions.
  1. Login, user credentials, API keys, session IDs
  2. Capabilities and permissions
  3. Databases and sandboxes
The process engine Creating, reading, updating and deleting (CRUD) objects.
  1. Scheduled processes
  2. Button processes
  3. Web processes
  4. Process on save
Reporting, Emails and PDFs Understanding the reporting engine.
  1. Reporting engine & API’s
  2. Generating emails and PDF’s using the API
Best Practice Working with the API.
  1. Logging
  2. Performance considerations
  3. Caching and retrying
Getting help from Workbooks Forums

Location Of The Course & Directions

Our Workbooks office in Reading:

Unit 9, Suttons Park Avenue, Reading, RG6 1AZ. United Kingdom.

Please don’t rely on your sat nav to find us as they aren’t always as accurate as we’d like them to be.

For a map of our location please visit our Contact Us page.