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Workbooks CRM – Your Alternative to Pipedrive

Pipedrive is targeted purely at sales management, rather than a 360-degree view of your business that covers marketing, sales, sales operations, and customer service.

The three most common reasons for switching are:

  1. Licence Cost – With the most basic license with limited functionality starting at £12.50 pupm, license costs can quickly ramp up – especially as separate systems will be needed for departments other than sales
  2. Core Functionality – Workbooks’ core functionality extends beyond marketing, sales and customer service to include marketing automation, order management and fulfilment, invoicing, supplier management and event management
  3. Co-Funded Implementation – Workbooks lowers the cost of implementation with co-funded implementation services
Workbooks CRM – Your Alternative to Pipedrive

Compare Workbooks with Pipedrive

Feature Title
Workbooks is highly rated by users for customisation, with the ability to fully customise the system to your needs, from custom fields on records to security settings tailored to individuals or departments.
Whilst Pipedrive can be customised to a degree at a basic level, you can't get the full level of customisation offered by Workbooks, for example features such as custom fields to personalise records.
Support & Implementation
We develop and implement the software ourselves, ensuring you get value quickly. Our local team of consultants and engineers help make implementation and set-up a fast and smooth process. Our customers highly value our ‘can do attitude’, and the quality of our support and knowledge base.
As much as you deal with Pipedrive directly for your licenses and support, there is little help when starting out with the system and a lack of account management to make sure you’re using the system to the best of its ability.
Streamlined Processes
Workbooks can be used by all the teams in your business – not only that, but all the manual tasks that they once had to complete are now automatic and streamlined. From lead to cash and beyond, you have a complete view of your business, all in one place.
Without the ability to have all teams on one system, processes can become time-consuming and labour-intensive as people look for things in different systems, especially if you can’t integrate them.
Mix & Match
Workbooks allows you to mix your licences across users. If you want some CRM edition and some Business edition, that’s completely fine.
Pipedrive requires all users to be on the same licence level. If some of your users need Enterprise edition features, everyone needs to pay for that licence level.
Workbooks CRM – Your Alternative to Pipedrive image

Workbooks CRM – Your Alternative to Pipedrive

G2 is the world’s leading B2B software and services review site. Its influential Grid® Report for CRM ranks products based on reviews posted by real-life users, including more than 500 active Workbooks users.

According to reviewers:

  • 85% would recommend Workbooks
  • 86% think Workbooks meets their requirements
  • 92% rated Workbooks 4 or 5 stars

As well as rating Workbooks highest for overall satisfaction, reviewers also highlighted our exceptional payback period. On average, reviewers saw a return on their investment in Workbooks in only 12 months.

Download your copy for a complete breakdown of how our users rate Workbooks.

With other vendors, you
  • Pay one company for software and pay another to implement it​

  • Are pressured into buying software before understanding the true cost of implementation

  • Pay full cost for implementation of the cloud CRM software

With Workbooks you can
  • Get CRM software and implementation from a single vendor​

  • A co-funded workshop before you buy software to ensure it meets your needs​

  • Get free consulting days to co-fund your implementation

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