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Workbooks CRM – Your Alternative to Sugar Sell

SugarCRM is a US company with a heritage in open source software. Because of its heritage, Sugar has been developed with plug-ins built by third-party developers and third-party partners who make their money extensively customising Sugar Sell to meet customers’ requirements. Sugar Sell is therefore often adopted by organisations with large IT teams and budgets.

When it comes to comparing Sugar Sell to Workbooks, our customers tend to agree on the following:

  1. Licence Costs – Workbooks is 3X less expensive than Sugar Sell
  2. Co-Funded Implementation – Workbooks lowers the cost of implementation with co-funded implementation services
  3. Vendor Relationship – In the mid-market Sugar works through partners, while our clients prefer to deal directly with us
Workbooks CRM – Your Alternative to Sugar Sell

Compare Workbooks and Sugar Sell

Feature Title
Licence Cost
Our entry level pricing for our CRM edition, which includes sales and customer service, is £25 pupm. Order processing and invoicing is included in our Business edition at £55 pupm.
Licence prices start at $80 (£64) pupm for Sugar Sell, 3X the cost of Workbooks CRM. Sugar Serve is an additional cost at $80 (£64) pupm.
Workbooks CRM is easy to set up, with customer satisfaction in this area at 81%*. Workbooks features are rated higher than Sugar Sell’s in every category*, with up to 9 points' difference between them. Workbooks is also rated higher for customisation, workflow capability, content and document management, performance and integration.* 87% of Workbooks’ customers find the system to be reliable and fast*.
Only 76% of Sugar Sell customers said they were satisfied with the software set up*. Sugar Sell’s marketing automation capabilities are rated up to 9 points lower than Workbooks across all categories. Sugar Sell scored 79% for reliability.*
Satisfaction / NPS
87% of Workbooks customers say our CRM is going in the right direction, which makes it a future-proof choice for your business*. 85% of customers are likely to recommend Workbooks* and our Net Promoter Score (NPS) is 45, one of the highest in the CRM category*.
In comparison, Sugar Sell were only rated at 72% for going in the right direction by their customers*. Only 74% of SugarCRM customers are likely to recommend*, which is reflected in an NPS of 10*.
Mix & Match
Workbooks allows you to mix your licences across users. If you want some CRM edition and some Business edition, that’s completely fine.
Sugar Sell requires all users to be on the same licence level. If some of your users need Enterprise edition features, everyone needs to pay for that licence level.
Workbooks CRM – Your Alternative to Sugar Sell image

Workbooks CRM – Your Alternative to Sugar Sell

G2 is the world’s leading B2B software and services review site. Its influential Grid® Report for CRM ranks products based on reviews posted by real-life users, including more than 500 active Workbooks users.

According to reviewers:

  • 85% would recommend Workbooks
  • 86% think Workbooks meets their requirements
  • 92% rated Workbooks 4 or 5 stars

As well as rating Workbooks highest for overall satisfaction, reviewers also highlighted our exceptional payback period. On average, reviewers saw a return on their investment in Workbooks in only 12 months – 6 months less than Sugar Sell.

Download your copy for a complete comparison of Workbooks and Sugar Sell.

With other vendors, you
  • Pay one company for software and pay another to implement it​

  • Are pressured into buying software before understanding the true cost of implementation

  • Pay full cost for implementation of the cloud CRM software

With Workbooks, you can
  • Get CRM software and implementation from a single vendor​

  • A co-funded workshop before you buy software to ensure it meets your needs​

  • Get free consulting days to co-fund your implementation

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